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M&M Fire Extinguishers has been serving the Long Island and New York City area for over a decade. In that time, we have become one of the most trusted fire extinguishers by home and business owners. Our clientele ranges from owners of major retail and food service companies, to homeowners that want to keep their families safe in case of a fire related emergency.

As leading professionals in the fire safety industry, we understand the importance of not only keeping your family or employees safe, but the urgence of having all of your fire safety equipment up to code and working properly. When it comes to fire extinguisher services and inspections, a member of our qualified team will conduct a full walk through of your home or business. The team at M&M fire extinguishers wants to be absolutely certain that you are well protected, and that your fire safety equipment is in proper working order, as well as up to fire safety codes. When one of our experts visits your home or business, we will ensure that:

  • The correct types of fire extinguishers are installed on the premises that are specific to your home or your  business/operation.
  • All of your fire extinguishers are charged and in proper working order.
  • All installed fire extinguishers are properly tagged with current inspection dates.
  • The fire extinguishers in your home or office are installed in their proper locations.

Upon inspection, the professionals from M&M Fire Extinguishers will examine your fire extinguishers to ensure that they are in proper working order and will operate effectively and safely in case of a fire related emergency.  If there is any physical damage to a fire extinguisher that is installed in your home or business, the team member from M&M Fire Extinguishers will determined if repairs or a replacement of your fire extinguisher is necessary.  During an on-site inspection, our team will also ascertain if any of your installed fire extinguishers must undergo any further testing such as a Six-Year Maintenance or a Hydrostatic Test.

Six Year Maintenance: In New York State, it is required that  a stored pressure fire extinguisher must be discharged and undergo an internal examination every six years. This is not to say that you should not maintain your fire extinguisher less than every six years, but it is required that it be done in this time frame. The team at M&M Fire Extinguishers will ensure that all fire extinguishers that are installed in your home or business will be running properly, and up to the six year maintenance plan.

Hydrostatic Testing:

As part of the six year maintenance plan, Hydrostatic testing is legally required. This is a procedure that will test the pressure of all fire extinguishers that are installed in your home or business. This test is done to ensure the strength of the fire extinguisher, and to be sure that it is able to withstand any unwanted pressure. The team at M&M Fire Extinguishers understands that it is the responsibility of the owner or the occupant of a property to ensure inspection, maintenance, and recharging of all fire extinguishers.  However, we are always here to help you. If we decide that any of your current fire extinguishers are in need of major service or repair, a member of the M&M Fire Extinguisher team will temporarily remove your current fire extinguisher and provide you a temporary fire extinguisher  to ensure that your home or company remain protected against any fire related emergency.

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