Fire Suppression System Near Kew Gardens Hill

Signs the Fire Sprinkler System in Your Queens County Business Needs Repairs

When it comes to fire protection equipment in Queens County, residents and business owners throughout the area turn to M&M Fire Extinguishers Sales & Services, Inc. Our family-owned and operated fire protection company has been servicing the fire protection needs of Kew Gardens Hill, NY property owners for more than 35 years. Whether you’re a business owner who needs a new fire suppression system installed or your existing fire sprinkler system repaired, or you’re a homeowner who wants to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones with a professional fire extinguisher inspection, you can count on our team of highly trained and certified technicians to handle all of your needs. When the experts at M&M Fire Extinguishers Sales & Services, Inc. are on the job, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be well-prepared in a fire-related emergency.

The Importance of Fire Sprinkler Systems

As a Queens County business owner, you are responsible for protecting the safety of your employees, clients, and anyone else who enters your facility. Of all the potential hazards that can occur within a commercial property, fire is one of the most common – and most devastating. Countless structure fires occur each year, resulting in serious property damage, severe injuries, and even death. Faulty wiring, cooking mishaps, heating equipment malfunctions, and improperly extinguished smoking materials are just some of the leading causes of commercial property fires. All it takes is a small spark or a tiny ember to wreak havoc on your business.

To minimize the damaging effects that fire can cause, your business must be equipped with a fire suppression system. As per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an automatic fire sprinkler system significantly reduces the damaging effects of fire. These systems are designed to detect high temperatures that are associated with fire. Once the air surrounding a fire sprinkler head reaches a certain temperature, it activates a chain reaction, causing the rest of the sprinklers in the system to send out a flow of pressurized water to douse the flames.

Signs Your Fire Sprinkler System Needs Repairs

A fire sprinkler system is an effective way to control fire and minimize the damage to your Kew Gardens Hill, NY commercial property. However, like any other type of equipment, a fire sprinkler system needs to be maintained in order to ensure it’s functioning properly. Apart from having the system professionally serviced on a regular basis, you should perform self-inspections to look for any issues that may arise between routine maintenance visits.

If you spot any of the following during self-inspections, contact a reputable Queens County fire protection company.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads or Pipes

Pipes and sprinkler heads can become damaged as a result of age, environmental conditions, renovation projects, and even vandalism. If you notice that any of the sprinkler heads or pipes are visibly damaged – cracked, dented, or are appear to be missing components – chances are the integrity of the entire system is compromised. In the event that a fire does break out, your fire sprinkler system may not be activated, so having a certified fire protection technician assess and repair the damage is crucial.


If you see water leaking from any of the components in your fire suppression system, you need to have it addressed right away. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons; age, improper installation, failure to maintain the system, defects in the equipment, and even freezing temperatures, for example. If leaks are left uncorrected, they can further damage the system and prevent it from functioning properly; not to mention the water damage that your property could sustain.


When moisture, steel, and oxygen combine, oxidation can occur. If oxygen gets trapped within the system, it will dissolve into the water and react with the steel piping, resulting in deposits of iron oxide. Often, corrosion isn’t visible, which is why routine fire suppression inspections are so important; however, you may be able to see the corrosion. If you see any discolored spots on sprinkler heads or pipes, call in a professional right away. If left untreated, corrosion can cause significant problems, including leaks, reduced performance, and complete malfunction.

Old Age

Even if you don’t see any obvious signs of damage and have kept your fire sprinkler system maintained, if it’s been in place for a long time, you should consider having it inspected by a professional. As sprinkler systems age, the components can become worn out and, as mentioned, corrosion that you can’t see could be present inside the system. Plus, fire protection technologies are constantly evolving, so even if your system isn’t damaged, it may not be as effective or reliable as newer systems. Furthermore, if your fire suppression system is older, it may be difficult to find replacement parts if future repairs are needed.

M&M Fire Extinguishers Sales & Services, Inc.: Queens County’s Leading Fire Protection Company

Whether you’re sure the fire sprinkler system in your Kew Gardens Hill, NY business needs to be repaired or you just want to have it inspected to ensure it’s working properly, contact M&M Fire Extinguishers Sales & Services, Inc. Our certified technicians will thoroughly assess your fire suppression system and make any repairs or updates that are necessary to make sure you’re well protected. We can service, maintain, and repair other components of your commercial fire suppression system, too; perform fire extinguisher service and update your fire extinguisher tags, etc. 

No matter what your fire protection equipment needs may be, you can count on the team at M&M Fire Extinguishers Services & Sales, Inc. to cover them all. To schedule an appointment, call 631-464-5609 and one of our knowledgeable associates will be happy to assist you.